I haven’t been able to get around to writing in a few days.  Nothing special has been going on, really.  Just been one of those weeks where Cydney has been off of schedule and me calling many audibles and crashing shortly after.

Cydney is a night owl.  She’s always been that way.  If I left her up to her own devices she’d go to sleep somewhere between 2-3AM and wake up around 12PM and take NO nap.  She’s a “Wild Child” because she goes HARD all day, gets into everything and leaves a trail of destruction behind which needs to be cleaned once she’s asleep.  I had her to the point where she would go to sleep around 10:30 and wake up at 9AM with a nap around 2.  She doesn’t want to take a nap anymore.  No matter how many strolls we go on she’s not having it and its thrown a lot of things off so now she is back to going to bed at about 1AM which means I go to bed somewhere between 2-3 AM and I’m up at 6AM.

Like me, she goes and goes and goes until she crashes.  I’m assuming that somehow that’s a learned behavior at this point but then again she’s been like that since birth.

Since Cydney’s mother was pregnant, I average somewhere between 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  During pregnancy she insisted that I stayed awake with her until she fell asleep.  During that second trimester when there’s plenty of energy that was until 3-4AM and me waking up at 8AM to start the day.  Since she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after Cydney’s birth, I was the one who did the up all night phase during those first few months with no real breaks or relief of someone saying “Hey let me take her for a night.”  When I started working again it was the same deal and it’s the same thing now.  In no way am I complaining because things still need to get done and if I don’t do it well…

At this point, I don’t really think twice about it because its second nature.  I should do a little more to take care of myself across the board however I am a spiritual person who believes that God puts on you what you can handle.  When it’s time to rest it’s time to rest and He’ll make a way.  With that said, Dora the Explorer is just about over so her sitting very still will end within the next three minutes.

Until the next time…

PS: Thank you to all of you who are following, commenting, and referring along the way.  Within two weeks we’ve had 158 views and 60 of them have been since Monday.  I’m glad I can share my story with you all, give tips, and help others along the way.

One thought on “Running

  1. I cannot imagine how hard it is to be a single parent. I struggle everyday and this is a 2 parent household.
    I completely understand the lack of sleep. Frankly, I have NO CLUE how you function on such little sleep! Thats pretty impressive.
    Not to mention you were obviously an amazing husband doing newborn duty with a sick wife. =)
    My hat is off to you!!
    PS: Your right about God. Although, I will admit I’ve questioned God’s judgement on his definition of “what I can handle” vs what I think I can handle!


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