Six Months Rocking: The Escape from Virginia

outside of the police station when we were first reunited

As of this morning its been six months since I’ve had my daughter back. I can’t even say the time flew because honestly it didn’t. It felt like six months and every day is just that…24 hours of us doing our thing.

My fiance passed December 9 last year. I was illegally evicted from our place in Virginia because her parents did not like me and kept her phone off so that I could not have contact with her during her last days. What really happened was they wanted my fiance and Cydney to themselves and found out she only had a week to live. Being that they’re idiots and didn’t know me that well they thought I’d just go on and leave never taking into account if they thought their daughter was someone really intelligent she wouldn’t be with anything but someone who was her equal.

I was relieved when my fiance passed because then I knew the gloves could come off in that was going to become an ugly legal battle. What they didn’t know was while I wasn’t able to reach my fiance I left messages AND corresponded with emails leaving a paper trail in case they said that I abandoned them and this evidence was to prove that wrong. The day she passed away some of my fiance’s other family members who’d been excommunicated called and said they heard through the grapevine that they’re in the process of trying to adopt Cydney under the grounds of abandonment.

I called my lawyer in Virginia who told me we’ll talk when I get down there. I was told in November by my fiance’s “father” (whom biologically he’s not) that I could take ny daughter once I prove it biologically. So in the state of New York I’d started legal proceedings and getting an order of filiation which states I’m Cydney’s father. I sent all of the paperwork in and had them served with papers and the court date was January 4, which was my fiance’s birthday. I could have cared less if they’d shown up I just wanted them to know it was on and I wasn’t playing with them. January 4 rolls by, they don’t show up. Fine. I take the DNA test and they ask for a continuance until March 1. March 1 came around and the tests state the obvious. They didn’t show up for that either.

As I started filling paperwork to get custody some of my fiance’s family members called me again and said they think I should fill out paperwork in Virginia because knowing the family they were up to something and get there right away. I got there a few days later and we went to the Hampton courts to file paperwork and after receiving it they called me to come to the back so that we could talk. The clerk said “Did you know that there is a hearing for custody tomorrow based on the grounds that they cannot contact you or find you?” I said no I just happen to be in town to fill out paperwork. Here is a copy of the subpoena with my address, their address, and a copy of my fiance’s father’s military ID as well as phone records, pictures of them taken by me in New York, and Facebook screenshots showing that I’m friends with her brother on there, not to mention the order of filiation.

I showed up to court the next day to everyone’s surprise. They had no idea I was on the docket. They were expecting to go in and come out with custody very easily. In court the judge gave us a May 21 date to resume, and gave Cydney her own lawyer to do what’s best for her. They asked the judge for temporary custody until then and asked if I was ok with that. I said no I haven’t seen my daughter in months. They then said I could have liberal visitation. I said no because the last time I was over there it was a hostile situation in which cops were involved. The judge lifted temporary custody and their lawyer tried to negotiate with me like I’m an idiot.

I went back home to get all of my legal ducks in a row before I went back down there to get Cydney. April 3 my mother and I drove down to Virginia to go and get Cydney. I called my lawyer and told him so that there would be no problems and he said if there was to call him. I went to the police department to tell them what my intentions were and while I know in Virginia they do not get into civil matters there was already a situation and I didn’t want someone to claim trespassing because they like to do stuff like bring people up on bogus charges. The cop tells me to wait six weeks until we go back to court and I said no, here’s my lawyer’s number and Cydney’s lawyer. Call them. Cydney’s lawyer came right away and filed am impromptu hearing for temporary custody until we adjourned in May. Once again Cydney’s grandparents were not too happy to be caught off guard and they had to hand her over to me that day because I had visitation until we went to court.

The court proceedings only took about fifteen minutes. The judge saw my daughter and said “This is the Cydney that all the fuss is about.” Their case for having custody was that I put them in a legal bind by not granting them custody because they had been taking Cydney to the doctor and she’d been taking hemotosis(sp) tests to see if she was ok being that her mother had cancer during pregnancy. That’s just a regular blood test that can be done anywhere. Constitutionally I have every right to Cydney and the judge said to them the only way she could rule in their favor was if I was unfit and since I wasn’t then she had to follow the law. She dropped the gavel and I sauntered out of that court room almost like George Jefferson. I told my mother and Cydney let’s go and we headed right back to New York. And not even two blocks away from the court house I posted a photo on Facebook for all of those who had shown concern saying “Guess who’s bizzack?” (It’s from a song)

the picture I posted

That was the last time they’ve seen Cydney. Not because they can’t because I have forgiven them and they can come up and visit but I had no intentions of going back to Virginia until May 21 and not for a long time after. Not even to go to Alexandria if I’m in DC. Either way I’m good and we’re good. With that said its time to wake Cydney up and get started.

3 thoughts on “Six Months Rocking: The Escape from Virginia

  1. I’ve been following you and the more I read about your story the more inspired by it I get. I’d like to do a post on my blog featuring yours if that’s cool with you…


      1. Ok, cool. This coming weekend/week is my son’s second birthday so that will be my next post, and I’ll do yours after that, probably late next week.


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