The Newest Edition

Cydney and ________ with her signature one sock on, one sock off.

Last week my sister went to Atlanta with a friend of hers. On Saturday night she gave me a call saying that there will be a new someone coming to the house some time during the next week. All I could do was brace myself. Earlier in the week she told me about this dog that was so cute and she might bring him up to New York. I didn’t take it seriously until that Saturday. You know, people say stuff like that that they don’t mean all the time. Well, the joke’s on me. My sister’s friend dropped off this little puppy for my nephew, her son. He was ecstatic. The dog is a girl and he keeps calling her a “he.” We’re still working on the name thing. My nephew likes the name Cici which is ok but I’m not super sold on it. As the person who is going to be walking her, feeding her, and cleaning up after her I feel like I should have a personal stake in this. I kinda like the name Cris Brown. It’s cute and has a ring to it and is a little brown puppy. Now while everyone is all excited I’m not completely there yet. While the dog could fit into my pocket its still something I’m going to have to take care of while everyone else enjoys it. I already have two cats to feed and change the litter and Cydney who is three handfuls. It’s something else to walk and clean up after. Its my nephew’s but he already doesn’t do his morning job of feeding the cats. Oh well… I guess I’ll get over it because the kids are happy. My nephew loves it and Cydney can’t help herself either. She keeps pointing at her and saying “Kitty!” and tries to pet her. This should be interesting.

One thought on “The Newest Edition

  1. Coming from a home that had pets pretty much my entire life growing up…it will be worth it.
    My family started out with cats and ended up with dogs. I’ve NEVER regretted a moment. Granted, I’m sure my sister and I didn’t do the agreed upon chores for the pets…my mom mostly did. As we grew up though, we did take more and more responsibility. Having that priceless, no expectations relationship with my dog growing up was priceless and a gift that nothing and no one could ever replace.

    Besides, one day you’ll fall in love with her too. =)


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