Oh Really?

As a parent I’ve noticed that the two words I say the most (other than No Cydney!) are “Oh Really?”

My nephew is six years old. I lived in Atlanta from when he was born until he was about four and then I lived in Buffalo and Virginia. With that said, I didn’t get gradual day to day watching him grow up. I’d come home for the holidays and he’d be bigger and bigger.

Virtually overnight he went from the sweet little baby to the kid who means well but is at that annoying age where all they do is talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and ask questions nonstop. He has quite an imagination and loves to share what’s on his mind. He has always been a “look at me” kid but since Cydney’s been here he’s regressed and been really vying for my attention.

I try the best that I can with him. Even when I have the two of them together he demands most of the attention.  What does this have to do with the two words “Oh Really?” It’s my response to 99.9% of the things he tells me about.  “Uncle Chad! Do you know that Spongebob and Patrick do _______?” My response: “Oh Really?” “Uncle Chad! I I cam run faster than that train going by because I’m the fastest person ever!” “Oh Really?”

Since I’m brand new at this I’ve been getting better and better at answering correctly. I’ve learned that as opposed to entertaining his questions seriously and giving real answers its all about fostering his creativity. I think that the real world is harsh enough and while he’s still young let him have that. I think about the outlandish things I’d tell my parents that they went along with (Like being an Indian in a former life and my mother gave me a book to write all my stories down in).

While I am the parent of one and learning the ropes of that I’ve been thrust into being the father figure to my nephew and there’s a curve that comes along with catching up on the first five years. I’ve learned that the more you do such things as entertaining these thoughts you’d be doing a lot for them in the long run.

Not to mention you can just listen for the end of the thought and say “Oh Really?”

One thought on “Oh Really?

  1. I think you have the right attitude when it comes to the questions. Fostering creativity is important. Besides, answering all those questions would be too much! ANswering some is just fine.


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