Daa-yee! Daa-yee! Eye-you! (Daddy! Daddy! I love you!)


When I first got Cydney back six months ago she could only say a few words like uh-oh and mine. Her vocabulary was pretty limited which is ok for a 14 month baby. All these months later she has a lot to say. She counts up to 14 and up to ocho in Spanish and can recite the words to tv shows she’s seen over and over again, well in the ways that babies do in which you know what they’re trying to say.

Cydney is also very good at articulating how she feels. If she’s upset she’ll tell you, if she’s happy she will as well. I think that is a great thing and its something I’d like to encourage because its not something I choose to do well. I could but I’m not one to usually bring up my own personal feelings or say what’s really on my mind. She’s very expressive. When she wants to show affection she will give you a hug but unless you’re me not so much. Every once in a while a kiss but she loves to receive them. I guess in her own way she shows she’s happy with being around you by being around you.

For a few months I’ve been working on “I love you.” (It’s funny just as I’m writing this she said it.) She wouldn’t say it back. But she’d grin like she knew it meant something special. In the same way it would be an event if she’s doling out the kisses its the same with her saying it back. For the last week or so she’s been saying it on her own. If I say it, well more often she says it back. She’ll even just say it. If she doesn’t know where I am in the house she’ll yell “Daa-yee Daa-yee! Eye-you!” It’s sweet.

I’m trying as much as possible to work on her being expressive because I know how much that’s not my strong suit and it chould be hers. The funny thing is the more I am with her the more expressive I’ve become. She’s picking up where her mother left off.

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