The Night Before the Flight

finally tired herself out

Cydney knows something is going on. Our schedule has been different than normal and she’s picking up on the vibe.

As opposed to our daily television watching and going for a walk to take a nap we took the Long Island Railroad into Queens and went shopping on Jamaica Avenue aka “The Ave” to get a couple of things needed for our journey for making the smallest possible dent into my aluminium foil thin pockets. As we walked around Cydney was looking around paying attention to everything that was around her astounded at her whereabouts.

We took the bus down the street and went to go visit my grandmother and see my dad real quick and head back home. We watched the game show channel with my grandmother for about an hour as my grandmother tried to show Cydney one plus one is two. I caught my pops at the right time because he was actually heading back out to the Island so we caught a ride with him. This was still different because nap time wasn’t on the couch but in a car waiting in the parking lot while “Dee Dee” (what my nephew and Cydney call him) ran errands.

When we got home, things got back to normal a little bit with the stress of making Courtney focus and do his homework and the evening revolving around watching sports of some sort (Knicks vs Nets).

By the end of the game my nephew was in bed and I began pulling out the suitcases. I turned on Dora and ran back and forth up the stairs folding clothes, strategically placing onesies into my size 13 shoes (which saves space and because of size are handy compartments), and getting everything together. Cydney was doing what she normally does but in a little different of a way. She continued to play but as opposed to following me around she stayed out of the way. She even laid in bed and tried to go to bed herself since I wasn’t trying to get her to sleep watching The Daily Show like we normally do since NickMom messed up our routine (note: vent about this at another time).

For those who aren’t parents,Β  little children know when something’s up. They may not be able to articulate what it is but they know something’s going on. My mom says its because they’re closer to heaven then we are so they’re more in tune and some would call it intuition and others may say its an unconscious reaction by the superego for survival or something psychoanalytic and Freudian. It’s the same way they know when you’re bummed out and out of nowhere give you that big long hug they just know you need and it feels different from their normal hugs. Call it what you want to, but its something.

2 thoughts on “The Night Before the Flight

  1. I agree that they know what’s going on. We had had some real sadness in our family recently and our little one year old would always pick right up on who was feeling down and head right over to them and start doing things to cheer them up. It was rather uncanny. These little children often know a lot more then we give them credit for. They’re pretty special πŸ™‚


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