The Fugees

The Adventures of a Single Dad was definitely an appropriate name for this blog. I don’t necessarily think of myself as a typical person but I tend to find myself in atypical situations. Well, more or less they find me. I came down to Atlanta to hang out, see some and reconnect with friends and family, be back home and come back to my regular life of raising Cydney and reconfiguring my studio. Of course, God had other plans.

While hanging out Saturday night everyone started talking about “You know there’s a hurricane coming into New York right?” I thought whatever because I’ve heard that before and it usually winds up being some heavy rain and maybe the demise of a tree or two. I looked at my flight plans and they said “cancelled.” Ruh rho. I called my airlines the next morning and the automatic service said “We’re sorry, we would like to help you but all of our operators are currently busy at this current time” and hung up on me. Oh really?

Lots of us have found ourselves in this position grounded here in Atlanta still. To cope with being refugees we kept in contact and hung out figuring we might as well keep homecoming going on. Many of us got together Sunday night and watched the Giants play the Cowboys (since many are New Yorkers) and beat up on them. We reconvened at one of our friends’ house and hung out a little more.

As things have begun to got even more real Monday I’d been trying to keep in contact with everyone I know back home and in DC to see how everyone was doing. At the time Sandy had not done her work just yet. I’d seen it had started flooding a little bit but parts of Brooklyn were getting really bad by then. Around eight or so I spoke to my mother and she said that she’d been ok. They still had power because they town that we live in has its own electricity. That night the power had gone off in the town until early this morning. And everyone is fine.

A bunch of us refugees met up again to watch Monday Night Football in what was being dubbed as a “Eff Sandy” get together. The turnout was crazy. It was a good forty of us and I’d say about 80% of us were the stuck. We all looked at pictures of the damage Sandy had done so far in New York and South Jersey. It looked crazy. Everyone was also checking on their reservations and at the earliest its looking like sometime Wednesday. However there is a good chance this could be even later especially going back to New York. In the meantime, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fun fact: in trying to get the best bang for my buck, I got my flight and a car through Priceline. They gave me a layover heading back to New York *dramatic pause* in DC. So the next leg of this tour means Cydney and I make it out of here and are in the District for another day or so.

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