Watch the Throne: Potty Training Pt. 4 Try Again

Since Cydney has been over the whole potty training thing I’ve been pretty relaxed about making her try. We’ven sat in front of Dora with a book, snacks, and toys. She doesn’t want to. She holds it until she can’t anymore. However I have found my window to try again. This whole diaper thing sucks anyway.

As I have stated before, Cydney doesn’t like the feeling of pee running down her leg. Before it was she would get upset and need a hug because she couldn’t hold it anymore. Now she gets really upset. Good. Being that she has this really bad rash and its hurting when she goes, here’s the window (tomorrow’s post). Let her air out and not have to worry about the rash up against a wet diaper. It’s been a little chilly in the house but we’ll make it work. I got plans of not buying diapers much sooner than later.

Tidbit: since coming back home Cydney has been going to bed earlier and is happy to be back home in her bed and back to her routine.

Also to everyone in America: VOTE!

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