The Last Chapter: Virginia Pt. 2

Bad News Virginia: how appropriate

Last week, I began to delve into my last few weeks with my fiance. In short, I moved from Buffalo to Newport News, Virginia and I could sense a storm was brewing but I’d weather it for my family.

So here we go: The I left off with this really disrespectful conversation I had with my fiance’s parents. Well, I have a confession to make and yes I’m going to use this extremely public avenue to admit what I did. When my fiance’s mom, youngest brother and I were moving, we were lifting a dresser up the steps and her mother was at the bottom. I should have took the drawers out. I knew at least one would fall out. And it did and landed dead on chest. That was the most passive aggressive thing I’ve ever done in life but I felt good after honestly.

Ok, back to the bullshit. After this conversation, my mother in law is going on and on about how my fiance’s father is her biological father in spite of what everyone in Buffalo, Rochester, and anyone with two eyed could see that my fiance wasn’t his (take a note about this because while I haven’t gone into detail yet this will be very important later). Then when I’m leaving to go to the hospital she stops me in the hallway to tell me that my fiance is doing chemo and radiation every day and that its working but they’re nervous that her cancer has spread to her liver and then its over for real.

As I’m listening to this woman talk because she does a lot. She tries to get biblical on me about how we were fornicating. Yes, now as someone with her background I’m thinking “Get the fuck outta here!” So she’s quoting 2 Corinthians about Hell fires for those who don’t confess their sins. But they underestimated me and thought I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Quick bible lesson: Paul wrote two letters to the people of Corinth, which was in Greece. They were a people who did quite a bit of wilding out. So in Paul’s first letter he wrote about how God is and love like what’s read at every wedding ever from chapter 13. It was a fairly nice letter about God and love and stuff. The Corinthians continued to wild out. So 2 Corinthians was much more straightforward saying that if you do not change your ways God’s wrath will get you something serious. Context is EVERYTHING.

So after having the bible misquoted to me. She was saying that ify fiance is on her death bed that the family will pray over her and I shouldn’t ne there to insure my fiance makes it to heaven. No. She really said that and then got dramatic and teary eyed on me like I couldn’t see past that.

With all of this going on, I went to go see my girl. When I got there she was heavily sedated. She was a lot and wasn’t looking any better. As much as possible we talked, I held her hand, and for the circumstances all was right with the world. We still felt like we could get through this and go back to Atlanta like our plans were. I gave her a picture of her, myself, and Cydney at the circus so she could have us by her side because I knew that was important. I kissed her on the forehead and went to my couch in Newport News.

The next day I’d heard back agency about some job opportunities. I took an accounting and underwriting tests because that’s what my background was in. I was a little rusty in accounting but they loved me so they said go back study and come back when you’re ready. I studied my two semesters of accounting in a day and nailed the test. They said they just need to check my background and expect a call soon. Sweet. All I had to do was chill.

That night my mother in law came by the house to talk some more. I’m convinced this woman had a crush on me. She liked someone with a little edge and at 6’1″, long locks, and tattoos I was that. Anyways, she was asking about the job situation. I told her what was going on. She told me about how years ago when her husband was trying to get me a job at Norfolk Southern that I was applying for jobs I wasn’t qualified for. False. I applied for what he told me to. That’s how I knew the fix was in.

Once again she started talking to me about fornication and the family. She looked at me and said if that time comes you’ll do the right thing. And I said “What’s that?” She said with a serious look in her face “Leave.”

I looked her crazy and said “To where?” She said “New York.” It took everything inside of me to not say “Fuck outta here!” These people were really bugging. But once again my attitude was “Fuck it, I’ll do whatever got my family. All three of us.”

Next Thursday I will get into how the fix was in and when it REALLY went down.

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