Cydney’s First Time In The Snow

While we did live in Buffalo and there was plenty of snow, Cydney was only a couple months old so she didn’t get a chance to enjoy it. She may have seen some while in Virginia but I doubt it Plus she couldn’t walk then so how much could she explore.

Growing up as a male in New York I have a love/hate relationship with snow. You love it as a kid to play in. But as you grow up and become midlevel to senior staff in the family you have to shovel it. A few times of having to shovel feet of snow makes you detest it. I remember my freshman year of college. It was about 5AM and snow was barely on the ground. All of the guys from Florida and Southern California came running in the room talking about “There’s snow on the ground! We’re gonna have a snowball fight!” My roommate who was from Detroit and I said “Come see us when you have to shovel it.” and went right back to bed.

This made me enjoy it once again. I got to share this with my little one. She stood still most of the time because she didn’t know what to do or how to walk in it. While she was enjoying herself like her father she’s not a big water person and was happy standing still and enjoying it. I grabbed her by the hand and let her walk around a little bit. I then stomped some of it down so that she could walk around a little bit. She did. I picked up some and put it in her hand and she then threw it at me and the ground. She had a good time. After fifteen minutes I took her inside and let her have some chocolate milk. As much of a big kid as I am, it was nice to enjoy snow like a child through my child.

In the snow
Holding Cydney's hand and walking around.
Exploring picking up the snow.

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