The Waking Up Too Early Struggle

Hours of fighting and she woke up as soon as I moved.

Since birth, Cydney has made her own plans. She forced herself to be born on Valentine’s Day (I’m convinced) just making it at 11:25 PM. She takes naps when she feels like and goes to bed in the same fashion as well. For the last few days Cydney has been getting up around 7:45 AM. You would think that’s a good thing, right? No.

It’s not a good thing because I get up at 6. Go for a quick two mile run and do most of my work before 11/11:30 AM. I let her go to bed around 12 since she doesn’t take a nap. It has been strategic and worked like gangbusters. Until a few days ago. Well, she wakes up startled out of her sleep bawling. I think what happens is she rolls over and doesn’t feel me in the bed.

She gets out of bed yelling and then walks downstairs looking for me. As soon as she finds me she really starts hollering and wants to be held. When she gets into my arms, she screams until she passes out. I try to continue working with her in my arms for a good fifteen minutes. As soon as I lay her down its as if she never went to sleep. This goes on between 7:45 until 11 like clockwork and then she’s up for the day. Now mind you, she still refuses to take a nap.

I’m concerned because I want her to get adequate sleep. I also am a couple days behind schedule now as well. Eventually I’ll get it together. The funny thing is when she’s actually sleep for the night she doesn’t lay on me or anything which makes it off putting. I think she feels like she’s missing something in the morning. While it may be a setback I know this won’t be this way forever. As I say that I am crossing my fingers that right now she stays asleep another three hours.

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