The Clean Up Struggle





I guess the photos say it all. Yes, Cydney is a toddler and is at that wonderful stage where she gets into everything. The funny thing is most of those photos are the second go-round after cleaning up. I usually clean Up Cydney’s play place three times a day.

There’s always something to clean and straighten up after including toothpaste, powder, chalk off walls, and of course cat food and now dog food. I sweep that up constantly between Cydney and the dog. Cydney has a Montessori thing going on where she likes to pour cat food out of one bowl, take it across the room, pour it in the dog bowl, and then pour it back into the other bowl. Her next move is to try to eat it of course. She is also forever trying to feed them by pouring it straight out of the bag for them and try to sneak a handful. When she’s told no then a fit commences and the whole bag is then strewn about on the floor. (Quick anecdote: the other day while in the kitchen Cydney was by the closet where the pet food is kept and kept saying “I love you daddy!” Came over to give me a kiss and went back to the corner and tried to hide that she was trying to sneak cat food).

Hurricane Cydney is generally a category two or three. If I let her have her way she would be a five. We’ve had a broken Tiffany lamp, a board taken out of the cabinet, plants spilled everywhere, and of course broken hard drives and an out of commission work computer for two months.

She means well. In being a patient person I try my best to just take it all in stride. Well, generally there’s a loud “Aww Cydney!” first which is followed by her repeating it, and then we clean Up the mess. The sweet thing is she usually tries to help by wiping, sweeping/mopping, or putting things away. Look at my girl being domestic!

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