The Daddy Has To Watch His Mouth Struggle

Cydney is slowly approaching two years old. That means she is at that wonderful age where she has begun to pronounce her s’, her words are spoken with more clarity, and so many other wonderful pleasantries. Of course the number one is that she copies and repeats everything she hears. I should have known the stage was rapidly approaching when I saw Cydney repeating every commercial and song word for word after hearing them only a couple of times. *sigh* You don’t really know when its happening the first go round in parenting until it happens.

I wouldn’t say I cuss like a sailor but I will use said four letter words for emphasis, listening to some of my favorite rap songs, and of course around the fellas. Now, I’m all for the use of said words. When you stub your toe or someone really posses you off there is no word on the planet that sums up that feeling like the f word. Well, I generally watch what I say around Cydney but every once in a while I get caught off guard.  A week ago while playing outside I saw Cydney pick up a full paint can with one hand on her own and I was very impressed. I looked at her and said “Damn!” because that was the perfect word for that moment.  Cydney put it down and said “Damn!”

Out of nowhere a few days ago she hit her hand. Now, Cydney says “Ouch! Hurtssssssch!” to some of everything. This time she said “Ouch! Sssssssschit!” (Her s’ have a slight ch in them) I just looked at her! Now that’s not something I said around her.

One other time the day I was on the phone with a friend of mine that made me respond to what he said with a um, colloquial word that is used amongst like people that’s racially insensitive to others. I yelled it because it was very unexpected. Lo and behold here comes Cydney repeating it. Over and over again. I said Cydney no! She kept going.

The moral of today’s story is that I must now watch everything. We all have moments of slipping. You just have to try to limit how much you do.

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