The Cydney’s Still Sick Struggle (Hey, nice alliteration!)

First off: I bet ya can’t say that title five times fast!

Today’s post may be kinda short and more or less an update. I wasn’t home most of yesterday because I took my mother to outpatient surgery that was more or less precautionary due to her treatments from breast cancer earlier this year. By the time I got home needless to say someone was very happy to see me and didn’t want to leave my arms. I can tell when she gets like that that she is really not feeling well.

My godmother who watched her said that she had been pretty active and she does look a lot better than she did the last couple of days was fine all day. She took a nap for almost two hours which was the other giveaway that Cydney was more than just under the weather.

After an evening and night like almost all of our other ones (read jumping and climbing all over a very tired me from taking care of her on limited sleep) Cydney went to sleep. Now I was dog tired and my window of sleepiness came and went. Around 3AM is when it started going down again. Cydney started getting runs in her sleep so bad it was all the way up her shirt. Fun! After washing her off, changing her clothes and whatnot she went back to sleep. About fifteen minutes later she began to throw up again. Super fun when you just cleaned up diarrhea (yes this conversation may not be for the faint of heart but us parents are not phased with the amounts of fluids we are in contact with on a daily basis). So I changed her again and she went right back to sleep.

Other than earaches and such this is the first time Cydney has been really sick. While its tiresome its that badge of honor that really makes you a parent: those chains super sleepless nights holding down the sick children because you not only have but want to nurse them to feeling like their bubbly wild selves again. I stay up also to make sure since she’s only thrown up at night so far that she is on her side or wakes up and doesn’t cause asphyxiation. So being guard dad has caused the nights to not be so restful as well.

Luckily, I’m back to myself so I can handle it. I’m going to crash something serious in a day or two but it’ll be alright. As of right now, I must go wake her up so that I can take her to see the doctor and to do so I am missing my nephew’s Christmas show at school.

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