Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

Growing up Christmas is the most exciting time of the year. Children love it, adults love it as well as its a chance to see family and see your children light up on Christmas morning as well as the anticipation the night before. Tis the season. I’m trying. I really am. It’s not that I’m anti Christmas. I’ve been Santa for my nephew for years and it doesn’t get old. I’m not a cynic either. I guess as an adult there’s just a lot more and it sinks in halfway around the 24th. My cousin and I even made a Christmas EP a few years ago that wasn’t family friendly but the parents would love it, fights with Santa and all. Maybe by next year we’ll actually finish it.

Favorite Songs: I Saw My Wife Kissing Santa Claus and I Can't Wait For Christmas To Be Over

Last year around late October I started getting excited again. Well, even the year before that when Timile was pregnant. It started getting real again. Last year it was “Oh its Cydney’s first Christmas!” But then I got robbed of that and her first birthday. Maybe unconsciously that’s where it comes from but I doubt it. I justified it by saying the first ones are cool but she won’t remember it. This year I’m slowly getting there. Cydney is almost two and she knows something is up. She loves Christmas trees (and pulling ornaments off), she says “Santa Claus!” with such excitement. I didn’t even know she knew about Santa Claus. She’s also been saying over and over again “Candy Candy Cane!” She lights up when saying all of it. It makes me smile when she does. I’m a big kid at heart and the kids have been tugging at my heart strings with it. My nephew asking questions about Santa that make you get creative and answer while still living up to it but making you toe a very fine line. I know soon it’ll be Cydney’s day. One day. I know that by Monday I’ll be seven years old again for them and after a long night of putting together toys and getting a good hour of sleep it’ll be there again knowing that I will be awakened to the excitement. Until then, I’m looking forward to this Knicks/Lakers game in which there will be video games but they WILL be halted for that. THAT I’m excited for!

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