The Cry Through It Struggle

Cydney is almost two years old.  And as a father my secondary role until she needs to learn about boys and men from a man’s perspective is to spoil the living hell out of her.  I think I do a good job at that.  Of course it has its drawbacks.  I’m not one to refer to my little girl as a princess but diva definitely hits the nail on the head.  She’s very assertive, lets you know what she wants, and will make sure you know that if she gives you time and attention that you are quite special. 

Of course as sweet and endearing as that is, it has its drawbacks that flare up when its just her and I.  When she doesn’t get her way boy do the fits ensue.  “Cydney get out of the cat food!” FIT! “Cydney, I need that pen.” Falls out.  I’m good at ignoring those.  Bedtime is the new frontier of the fits.  Since birth, Cydney has been a champion sleep fighter.  There have been many ways of trying to power through it.  Dora the Explorer at night until she crashes has been the answer for quite some time until recently.  Bedtime has not become the time to climb from the bed to her crib which is a toy box now, grab toys, play with them on the floor and flipping the light switch on and off.  As tired as I am by then its too much for me now.  I now just turn everything off.  When there’s stimulus she will stay up until otherwise stated. 

When the TVgoes off, Cydney cries something serious!  In an effort to let me know that she’s thoroughly pissed off, she cries very loudly in my ear.  My right eardrum has rang many-a-nights.  As much as it tries my patience I know that this is what needs to happen.  She needs to learn to cry it out and I have to endure it until this phase ends.  Eventually somewhere within twenty minutes she passes passes.  It used to be two hours so this is progress.  She’s getting to the age where she needs to learn how to fall asleep on her own.  When that begins to happen life will be just a little easier because when she does fall asleep, I have work to continue doing.  

Any suggestions?  We have our bath and bedtime rituals but it isn’t enough.

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