Happy Birthday, Timile

It’s January 4, and today would have been my fiance’s 27th birthday.  Am I sad? Not really.  Do I miss her? Yeah I do, but I’ve accepted and am at peace with that she’s gone.  She was definitely my best friend.  As I have said before, the one part about this that sucks is that I get older is that I’ve had to get older she’ll always be the girl I fell in love with who died in her twenties.  As my features become gray, more wrinkled and well dilapidated she’ll always just be a kid no matter how much she was ahead of her time.

Well, today’s not about being sad; it’s about celebration.  Timile’s birthday was always an interesting day because of our circumstances.  In the five birthdays that fell during our relationship, only two of them did we actually spend together.  The first two fell during Christmas break and she was back home in Virginia and I was in Atlanta (in school one year and not in the other since we were a year apart in school).  The third one was during our breakup and she was back living in Virginia and seeing someone else, but I still called.  

The first birthday that we spent together I drove Timile to work.  I had a whole day planned of flowers at lunch and a surprise dinner with all of her friends.  However by the time I got back home I was feeling beyond sick.  I took my temperature and I had a 103.4 fever.  However, I was determined to not spend the day sick.  I went to her job to meet her for lunch and she saw that I looked like shit so she implored me to go back home.  I got back home and my fever was up to a 103.6.  Still determined to make the day her day I got my temperature down to 96.6 by the time she got off of work so that I could at least take her to dinner.  It was no small feet, but one thing I can say about myself in confidence is that if I want to make something happen, I will no matter what.  She appreciated the effort more than Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles.

The following and final birthday was during Timile’s pregnancy.  She was I guess ending her seventh month and we had to go to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well.  After spending all night in the emergency room it turned out that she had swine flu.  Not fun especially while pregnant.  Still determined to make it be her day, when we got home I still laid up with her all day even if I got sick (I got a flu shot the next day).  I left for a minute to go and get dinner from Ruby Tuesdays because that was her favorite place to eat and I got her a couple of gifts, one of those being a book that was a compilation of Delilah’s love stories from the radio because she loved that show since she was a kid.

The biggest lesson that I learned from our time together was making things happen.  Our time together had many trials which required me constantly making happiness out of thin air.  The lesson has been used in many facets of my life from getting her treatments from great hospitals to all of the things I do on a daily basis for our daughter and a few things in my current extra curricular activities.  Thank you for that valuable lesson.

Happy Birthday, Timile.

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