The Saga Continues: Court On Timile’s Birthday

For those who are just joining in on the adventure, here is the links to the story of my last month with my fiance Timile and what ensued after in the effort to get my daughter Cydney back.

The Final Chapter Pts 1-7

The Saga Continues: Pt. 1

The Saga Continues Pt 2

Now that we’re all caught up; the first court date in getting my daughter Cydney back fell on January 4, 2012. I thought that was awesome because it was my fiance Timile’s first birthday no longer with us. Being that I had served her parents with papers to show up in court on that date shows I meant business.

Speaking of served, I handed in the paperwork in time so that my in-laws would receive them within two weeks of our court date. The day the papers were served they were not home but had received a card from the Hampton Sheriff’s Department saying that they needed to pick them up. They took their sweet time and didn’t go until the next day which was conveniently under two weeks of court. Whatever.

The night before court I wasn’t nervous. I just didn’t want to see the in-laws. They stressed me out and they just do something bad to my spirit and I hate that feeling they give off. Well, the next morning I got to court and ny family came to be moral support.

Of course they didn’t show up in person but over the phone. It was Timile’s mother on the phone. The magistrate asked her to give her name an address for the record. She wouldn’t say it. After a pause the magistrate asked if the address was private and her response was that it was private. The magistrate then pointed out “Your address is not private and is on the affidavit so can you please state your address.” The magistrate then shook her head and then got a small glimpse into the Hell I was going through.

After being in court for maybe twenty minutes in which my mother in-law stated that Timile had left in a last will in testament and in it for Cydney to be in their custody. I didn’t believe that and that if it were true Timile was heavily sedated at the time. The magistrate had asked whether or not the will was registered with the courts before Timile had passed. She paused and the magistrate had to ask again. She then replied “The lawyer has a copy of it, but no.” Why did you have a lawyer before Timile died?

I smirked because the magistrate clearly looked annoyed at her bullshit. Of course that works in my favor. I also smirked because I knew that if a last will is not registered with the courts before the person’s time of death then it is null in void so that was even more bullshit. Third, even if the will was registered it doesn’t matter because constitutionally as next of kin, Cydney is mine to give up. Well, they asked for a postponement and the magistrate gave a new date for March 1 to reconvene. I thought that was stupid for a DNA test but the magistrate said that they give 6-8 weeks for everyone. Ok, fine. They then stated that they had a court date in Virginia the 11th for temporary custody in order to be able to put Cydney on insurance to see a doctor. Well alright.

I went downstairs to take a DNA test which I thought was dumb that I had to go through this and the underlying statement being implied that Timile was sleeping with someone else other than me while we were together. Someone came downstairs because there was something else that was supposed to be put on the record. I don’t remember what it was because it but I remember to magistrate getting annoyed again with Timile’s mother. Until March 1st, I just had to wait which at this point I had been accustomed to.

Honestly, it took a lot to remember these details. I forgot them. And that right there is a sign that I’m over what happened. Anyone that knows me can and will tell you it is not a trait of mine to forget the smallest details of almost anything.

3 thoughts on “The Saga Continues: Court On Timile’s Birthday

  1. Chad, its truly sad to read about all that you have gone through, especially at such a young age. I am just wondering if you are in contact with your in-laws now? It’s great that you have gotten past everything that happened between you and them. Even though you may still have some hard feelings towards them, they are Cydney’s grandparents. Don’t you think it’s important thay Cydney gets to spend time with them too? I’m just wondering.


      1. Oh I see. Well hopefully things will work out for the best for all of you. You and your cutie pie take care. 🙂


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