Cydney’s Checkup

Yesterday I took Cydney to the doctor to get her checkup. It’s the first time that I had taken her to one since she was six months. It’s not that she hasn’t been to the doctor, just due to Timile’s parents having her, all of the legal proceedings, not having and filling out paperwork, etc it wasn’t able to happen. Since I have never received Cydney’s records while she was in Virginia we had to start all the way over with immunizations and everything.

First off, we had to wait quite sometime before we were seen. Cydney passed that time by being the social butterfly she is and talking to every child in there as well as flirt with the little boys (Tomorrow’s post, I promise). All I had to do was just let her do her thing which was within reason.

After waiting a while we saw the nurse in which Cydney’s height and weight is average but she’s still on the little side. That’s expected being that she was small when she was born. Reflexes and everything was all good as well.

As we waited for the main event, Cydney paraded around the room in her signature manner of only having one shoe on, she felt the urge to take her diaper off once, as well as take that paper the kids sit on all the way off and rip it up on the floor. Then it was needle time. Cydney doesn’t do confinement very well so holding her arms and legs she wasn’t feeling at all. The first shot she took like a champ. By the second one she started getting a little hesitant and began to cry a few seconds after it was over. Then it was time for the third one. She wasn’t having that one. Unfortunately she was restrained and had to. She did a great job and was rewarded with a Bratz doll by the nurses.
After we left and I rewarded her with a lollipop and a grilled cheese sandwich from my favorite bodega, The Hollis Deli in Queens. She was really good about it. Since we still have catching up to do we shall do it again next month.

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