Cydney the Flirt

Cydney is quite the social butterfly. If there’s a crowd, she wants to be in it. If she’s not being paid adequate attention she will rectify that accordingly. If a camera is going off she wants to be in front of it saying cheeeeeese! I think being very outgoing is an excellent quality to have being that I’m pretty laid back and her mother was known for being demure. With that said its even cooler because its something that’s her own that wasn’t learned per se.

Now being that Cydney is one who likes to talk to some of everyone, she loves children (naturally). While it makes perfect sense that she does its that she’s a huge flirt. Now, there’s a little bit of nature and nurture in there because I am a huge one and her mother was one as well. I know for a fact my child has seen me in action from everything from getting our way at the airport to other conversations as well. I know I really may not be helping the cause in how I talk to my not even two year old daughter but believe it or not there is a method to the madness of saying to her “‘Sup, gorgeous?”

How do I know my child is a flirt? Well she interacts differently with boys and girls. When she’s around adult women my age she wants absolutely nothing to do with me. It’s as if she wants to just be a girl with them which is fine because the way God made me says no matter how hard I try I won’t get it. When she’s around adult males it depends on the guy but she will try to flirt with them. Now on a few occasions I’ve noticed such behavior. The first time was in September at a family reunion. There was a little boy about Cydney’s age who was in attendance. Cydney naturally imposed herself on him and pretty much tried to sweet talk him. She then took hid sippy cup, drank from it, and eventually made him cry.

The second occasion was yesterday at the doctor’s office. There was a little boy no older than nine months there. Cydney went up to him and said “‘Sup gorgeous?” I fell out. She then stooped down to his level and said “What’s up, baby?” Referring to him as being a baby, nothing more than that. She played with him for a little bit giggling, laughing, and throwing a little charm at the boy. He got scared and crawled off. I was so proud! “That’s right, Cydney! Scare them boys away!” About fifteen minutes later she said the same thing to another little boy who was about her age.

So I have a pretty little girl who’s outgoing, talkative, and very flirtatious… Sounds like lots of stress in a good 12 years.

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