Yelling Boogars (Not Being Mommy)

My mother said to me the other day “Chad, you’re gonna make Cydney a boy!” Why did she say that? Because I found it humorous that Cydney was yelling “Boogars!” at the top of her lungs. I thought it was hilarious!

What my mom was saying was I have to treat Cydney like a girl and yelling boogars is probably a step in the other direction. I understand that and it makes perfect sense. While I am affectionate to my daughter and we play doll with baby dolls, sip tea, and call her sweetheart; we also play catch, kick balls around, and I tend to throw her around quite a bit. There’s balance but some of it may be counterproductive to the becoming a lady because well it is.

I’ve said jokingly that it’ll take a village to raise Cydney or she will be a dude who dresses very well. There is potential for a lack of refinement a la Ellie Mae Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies. I think for this reason Cydney seeks out female attention particularly from women my age. When she is around my female friends she tends to gravitate towards them and want nothing to do with me until they or we leave. She loves their attention, how they talk to her, and of course how they hug and kiss on her differently than I. I didn’t know how to feel one time she bumped her head and when I went to comfort her she went to my friend instead. Talk about rejection. I understand it.

I think its nature. Children are brilliant and since they have no filter they’re well aware of what is missing and picking up on vibes. Cydney knows who I’m close to and who I’m not and those that I may be (male or female) closer to she tends to gravitate to. It’s interesting to watch.

I don’t really think its a huge deal just yet but its something to think about. I don’t try to be a mommy. I don’t know how. I don’t know how to be a lady at all. I can tell her all day about a man looks for in a lady but at this point that’s about it. Maybe that’s a good place to start. I act like its not that big but it is because I guess I’m planting the seeds now of what will develop later.

Either I’ll figure it out or someone will tell me otherwise and help both of us out.

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