Cydney the Budding Musician (Video Included)

It’s no surprise that Cydney would gravitate towards music.  Children love it.  The sounds are easier to pick up then actual words and its a fun an easy way to learn.  However, Cydney is really into music.  I’m more than elated for that.  Why?  I am a musician and while I wouldn’t call it a career, but it supplements my income.  I grew up singing, playing instruments, and at one point had a budding rap and production career as well.

It was bound to happen.  Growing up I gravitated towards it heavily.  My mother said that my sister and I were singing before we could talk.  We used to have this large mirror in our living room which of course was our stage.  If you told me I wasn’t the second coming of Michael Jackson I would look at you like you’re lying.  However, music was always around.  My mother taught my sister and I how to harmonize at eight and all.  My largest musical influence was my own father.  That’s what he does for a living.  Going to visit him in his home studio, visiting the studio he used to work at on 23rd and Broadway at night and seeing the famous people come in and out and whatever they were working on blaring into the hallways, and all of the concerts seeing some of the greatest to ever do it in their fields made me really love it and understand how much goes into it.

I think I took a cue from what my mother told me about her own pregnancy with my sister and I.  As opposed to the playing classical music my mother opted for The Family (fDeluxe) “Screams of Passion” and Prince’s “Purple Rain.”  While Timile was pregnant she came along to many studio sessions of blaring music and many of the other songs that were blasted in the car from Bruno Mars to Nas and Damien Marley.  Maybe that triggered something.  

Unfortunately, I never practiced like I should have and my skills (especially on piano) are no where near as advanced as my ear is had done more than bit me in my ass.  But Cydney will be different because I know how that works out.  She loves it all.  She repeats music from commercials and songs word for word after only hearing songs a few times.  She’s not even two yet and can sing a good four or five songs in their entirety.  This is something to develop because while children like music she’s really developed in this area.

The video that I posted was taken a couple of days after Christmas.  Santa got her a little piano with slightly weighted keys.  I sat down at it, played and sand Twinkle Twinkle to her.  I got up and walked away.  About thirty minutes later she sat at the piano on her own and did the same thing.  I was pretty floored by that.

Well, this is something I’m going to continue to cultivate.  At two years old, many start learning simple instruments like drums and such and there are even toddler piano lessons. Well, I’m on the fence about that one right now but by four or five absolutely.  Which means I have a good two years to get my own chops back up.  She loves to sing and that will continue to be encouraged because from my experience those who do while young and do so all the time are the ones who can well, sing.  It would be extra awesome if she had perfect pitch!  A father and musician can only dream.

And for an extra bonus, here is Cydney singing and playing the banjo for a few seconds.

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