Watch The Throne: Potty Training Pt. 5 Back At It


Part being fed up, part laziness. I gave the potty training an break because Cydney clearly wasn’t feeling it. That’s ok. I was relieved when she was going through her stomach flu a few weeks ago that we were not knee deep into the process because as much as everything was well, going that week that would have created even more or a mess. As much as that sucked, it was definitely the lesser of two evils.

Cydney will be two in a little more than two weeks. It’s time to really get it going. Cydney’s been “holding it” since she was eighteen months. However, getting her to sit on the potty has not been her thing. We’ve sat with books, I’ve sat on the big potty next to her for encouragement, sat on the floor and hugging her because that’s what she’s wanted to do, read books, AND let her watch her shows while doing so. Watching tv has been the most effective way to get her to sit down for a good twenty minutes and give it a shot. What happens is when a commercial break comes along she wants to move around and sit on my lap. Of course since you never know when her business may be arriving I’m not too fond us us doing that and rightfully so.

Last week, I bought Cydney her first pack of pull ups. A part of me was excited like “Aww yeah, its going DOWN now!” But another side of me just thought, “Aww damn, Cydney’s growing up! I’m not ready for this!” That feeling eventually subsided and the next morning was the beginning of the next phase.

Of course they say you should know your child’s schedule. Cydney used to have one and I knew it like clockwork. Her schedule now is that she just holds and holds it until she feels ready to go. When she woke up, I tried to encourage the potty and she sat there for a good thirty minutes. I asked if she had to go and she said “Yecsh” but to no avail. I fed her, tried again, same thing. Tried again an hour later, no avail. Two hours later, nope! Around 4:30 she finally said “Diaper change! Stinky!” Six hours later she finally did her business. That Cydney is always throwing a monkey wrench into trying to make some kind of schedule. I’m convinced that she knows I’m trying to break her doing what she wants to when she wants to.

The next morning, I tried the same routine. Thinking ok, at least I’ll try the schedule for her to get used to sitting on the potty at these times but she’ll still just hold it until the around 4:30 again. Wrong! We tried at 10:30 AM when she woke up, after twenty minutes she was ready to get up. I put a pull up on her and she went immediately. We keep trying daily and its the same struggle and routine day after day. One of these days there will be success like we had six months ago. Until then…smh.

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