What A Day (Stuck In Newark)

Ok, the plan for today was to get take the train into Newark, NJ to fly to Buffalo.  I’m flying Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t have any direct flights to Buffalo from New York.  Fine.  The lesser of the evils would be flying from Jersey, connect in Baltimore, and then off to Buffalo.  Sounds simple, right?  Better than flying from New York to Chicago (which was cancelled anyway).  

Well, Cydney and I were supposed to be on a 12:10 flight to Baltimore and get into Buffalo by 3:50 PM giving us just about two days in town. Taking the Long Island Railroad and New Jersey Transit, Cydney and I left at about 9 AM and was in Newark by 10:30.  I picked up my pass and got Cydney something to eat when she wakes up because she was still asleep.  11:15 rolls around and I get to TSA and they tell me that I do not have a pass for Cydney.  No problem. Just go back and get one.  

I get back to the customer service desk and they say that I must have some kind of proof of identity with Cydney.  Have never had this issue traveling with Cydney ever on a flight.  I don’t have anything on me.  It’s 11:22 and I’m trying to call up the pediatrician’s office for them to fax me a copy of Cydney’s immunization records.  11:35 rolls around and they say they will send it with no problem.  As I’m talking to the customer service people a little peeved because this could have been avoided had someone as simple as asked if the child that’s in the stroller next to me are they traveling too then this could have been done in time.  

11:56, they finally hand me everything.  I take my shoes off and run because I still think I could make this 12:10 flight.  A couple of people are nice enough to let me skip them in line.  I get to the TSA again and they say they still forgot to give me a boarding pass for Cydney. Needless to say I missed the 12:10 flight.  They tell me that the next flight to Baltimore is 6:00 PM and my flight out of Baltimore is 9:30, and I’ll be in Buffalo by 11 PM. O_O

Can’t do anything about it.  So I figured I’d take Cydney into downtown Newark and maybe we’ll get something to eat and have a little date with my little girl and make it extra special.  Of course, there’s nothing nearby so I head back.  It was at least a way to kill a little time.  

So, I’m here now waiting for my 6PM flight and Cydney is asleep right now.  So i figured I’d write a little something documenting our adventure because just about everything we do always goes from simple plans to being an adventure.   Will keep all updated.

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