Turning Two

Yesterday was a pretty long day. Well, it kinda started like many do. I woke up at six but due to fatigue I took a little while to get out of bed. No matter how tired I was I was pumped because it was my daughter’s birthday and the first one I got to spend with her.

After dropping my mother and nephew off to school since I had running around to do. When I got back home I let Cydney sleep some more. Lots of phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages,  tweets, Instagram comments flooded in wishing Cydney a happy birthday came in all morning. That made me feel really good because while Cydney is mine I share a lot of our experiences with the world and lots really care. I don’t believe that prayer is something to play with and many this time a year ago did so in hopes that I get my daughter back and here she is so this is kind of my showing gratitude and that they were answered.

I woke Cydney up, sang happy birthday, did hair, and fed her. A few more phone calls and a Happy Birthday Skype later we headed to Queens to begin our festivities. At my mother and aunt’s school we made our happy birthday rounds there. The next stop was to see my grandmother who is at a nursing home due to her ailments. We sang Happy Birthday, had cupcakes and just hung out for a little bit.

We also went to the park briefly to let a balloon go for Timile.

We then headed to the mall to go to Build a Bear. Cydney walked out of there with two bears. Because Cydney is a boss I let her run around the mall with balloons tied to her wrist. Why? Why not!

When I got home, we ate dinner, sang Happy Birthday, and ate cake and ice cream. By then, everyone was spent so we just called it a night.  Once Cydney went to sleep, which was a little before her time of birth, I sat on the porch, had a drink to myself, and raised my glass to her mother.

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