As Soon As I Clicked Publish (A Phone Call)

Since leaving court last May, I have spoken to Timile’s parents a whole of three times.  The first time, Timile’s father called once two days after court.  It took my by surprise because 1) I thought they didn’t have any way to contact me according to their petition for custody. 2) It showed up on my caller ID as “Daddy” with a Virginia area code.  I realized that my phone had synched Timile’s contacts as well.

The second phone call was on Christmas.  A week before that I’d sent them Cydney’s pictures with Santa Claus.  No matter what I may think or feel about them personally, they are still Cydney’s grandparents and I thought it would be a nice thing to do.  It in no way was an olive branch.  Timile’s father had called saying Merry Christmas and that they had received the pictures in the mail.  He said that he had bought her Christmas gifts and wanted to send them.  I said that would be a really good thing (I thought they didn’t have my address or a way to contact me?).  He asked how Cydney was doing and I told her she’s doing really good and was very excited about it being Christmas.

The third phone call was yesterday morning.  Literally less than a minute after I published my post about being in court yesterday, my phone rang.  It was Timile’s father.  He asked how Cydney was doing.  Most of the conversation I won’t delve into at the current time.  But something in my heart yesterday told me to ask “Would you like to speak to Cydney?”  I don’t know where that came from.  It’s not even that I’m trying to keep Cydney from them at all.  He said he would call back in a couple of minutes to do so.  Two minutes later, he called back and I put Cydney on the phone.  He sounded very happy to hear her voice.  She thought it was “Uncle Chase” and spoke to him like so.  I actually felt good about it.  

The funny but really weird thing is that as soon as she got off of the phone she kept saying “Mommy” over and over again and smiling as she said it.  I’m truly convinced that somehow she senses her spirit.  She is very intuitive and picks up on vibes, and who people are to her very quickly.  If she can do that, then I’m really not surprised if she does.  But she had no clue who she was talking to on the phone and somehow that’s what she had to say.

As far as the phone calls go, its fine I guess.  However, they tend to give things some time, pretend like nothing ever happened without an apology and be all smiles.  I am not one of them and I don’t roll like that.  Just because you’re family doesn’t mean I have to like you are want to be around you.  Now mind you, I’m not keeping Cydney away from them.  But this little girl right here is mine.  More than anything, I don’t trust them.  The first way to regain trust is by getting right with me.  I don’t know any parents who would or have disagreed with that.  Well, maybe one day we’ll be there.  I have forgiven them.  I really have.  I have just decided that even on the best of best case scenarios I’d limit my interactions with them.

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