The New Bedtime Struggle

Bedtime is an ever evolving event. When your child is first born, they sleep and wake up all through the night. With Cydney, then came the I have to be held standing up for two hours before I pass out and if you put me down too early its on stage. Then there was the feeding her a bottle until she went to sleep.

Since then we’ve gone through staying up until 2 AM watching tv until passing out. We cut out naps because she didn’t take them. We would just sit in the dark and she would cry it out.

When going through these stages I would tell a friend of mine who’s a mother about it and she told me to enjoy it because when Cydney starts talking its on. That’s where we are now. I told my friend and she said yeah this is where it gets interesting. Cydney has conversation about whatever comes to mind. She talks about water, crayons, people she hasn’t seen in months. Whatever to keep the party going. Its actually more exhausting than the crying because you learn the cries and when it will end. Not so much here. Plus, Cydney will make sure I entertain her. As I write this I’m in a bed full of dolls listen to Cydney talk about “stinky booty.” Oh these things always get interesting.

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