An Update On My Mom

Thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes, phone calls, and various ways of showing support. My mother is as okay as she can be given the circumstances.

I went to go see her the day after her surgery. She was out of it a little (and rightfully so) but was still making little jokes here and there. My aunt said jokingly to my mom “Why you gotta be the difficult one and have surgery twice?” I quipped “Do you not know who she is?” and she tried to hit me. That’s how I know she would be alright.

All the while recovering in the hospital, my mother was making phone calls seeing if everything was together with regards to my nephew and his homework, getting to school and his clothing. Doing too much is a good sign.

She just got home yesterday evening. My sister and I picked her up, stopped by the nursing home where my grandmother is at so she could go inside and give her mother a hug, got home and she pretty much went right to sleep.

With that said, all is somewhat well. At this point its all about healing and taking it easy.  If you’d like to stop by bring food!

One thought on “An Update On My Mom

  1. A mother’s work is never done, nor will she ever let it be. When my mother was in the hospital for observation for her pain and everything she would call and make sure everyone was ok… she even took off her hospital bracelets and put it on all the different stuffed animals people sent her. There was a “lactose intolerant” bear, a “cancer” bear… Mothers always put everyone else before themselves 😉


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