Relating To Renee: A Musical Piece


“I’m pourin’ beer out for my shorty who ain’t here/ I’m from the ghetto so listen this is how I shed my tears/”

This song originally came out when I was in fifth grade. I’d heard it a few times before, but I didn’t really pay it attention until my aunt’s college graduation in Delaware and my parents were talking about it. My parents aren’t rap people so I paid attention that they were talking about it. After that I heard the song everywhere. “Day by day, I wonder why my shorty had to die.” Wow. I thought that was pretty intense that such a thing had possibly happened. It was written with such detail everyone wonders how real was this story Mr. Cheeks told.

Legal Drug Money by the Lost Boyz is a classic album for people from Queens, New York. Lex, Coupes, Bimmaz, and Benz played in every car, you could hear Music Makes Me High in people’s headphones, and to this day a party isn’t a party in South Queens until the Get Up remix plays. But this was the song everyone loved.

To this day I keep a copy of Legal Drug Money on my phone to listen to. I usually listen to it when I’m shopping on Jamaica Ave and do the LB slide. I’ve even taught Cydney that move.

Whenever Renee comes on, I skip it. I couldn’t bear to hear it. At 26, I related too much to the guy with dreads wondering why his girl died young. Of course, it reminds me of Timile. Do I think about her when the song comes on? Yes and no. Yes because of the obvious but no because I don’t reminisce about her specifically. Moreso I just zone out, relate, “emote,” and keep it moving. Maybe once or twice I have listened to it. It came on my phone while I was playing music and cleaning up after Cydney before she wakes up and makes a mess again. Been playing it on repeat since which inspired me to share this anecdote.

*Does LB Slide*

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