Sky’s The Limit

  While we out here, say the hustlas prayerIf the game shakes me or breaks meI hope it makes me a better manTake a better standPut money in my moms handGet my daughter this college plan, so she don’t need no manStay far from timidOnly make moves when ya heart’s in itAnd live the phrase […]

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In Full Swing

I was hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as others made it out to be, but the Terrible Twos are here! Some of the phases Cydney seemed to have gone through before within the last year but many characteristics have come back with a vengeance. For example, when I first got Cydney back from […]

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After lots of encouragement, suggestions, seeds planted, and even a few demands I’ve started writing the long version of my story to be put into book form. There’s a lot to write about, recall, and ask for accounts from other people who were there to help me remember details or give input from what they […]

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The Discipline Controversy

Hitting vs Not Hitting is always a touchy subject. Some believe in it and some don’t for various reasons. Some don’t want to hurt their children’s feelings and others want to teach that there are consequences for unacceptable behavior. I do believe in it within moderation. When I grew up I only caught it when […]

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Prayers At Night

In the ever evolving bedtime saga I am always adding and subtracting from the rituals to perfect this going to bed thing. After bathtime, a good massage and lotioning the lights go out and we sing Mommy’s Lullaby and now she briefly calms down and sings along. Eventually she continues to jump on me until […]

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Thrown Off

I’ve been a little off my game recently. I usually write my posts somewhere between 11:30 PM and 9 AM. I haven’t had writer’s block or anything, I’ve just been sleeping. For the last week or so as soon as Cydney passes out I’ve been following right behind her. Usually with big plans of quiet […]

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April 2011

At this time, Timile was settled into Buffalo. I was adjusting, but I wasn’t there just yet. I was making trips to New York every other week to go back and get more of our things. I didn’t know anyone in Buffalo and I would look forward to that drive through the mountains headed downstate. […]

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