Prayers At Night

In the ever evolving bedtime saga I am always adding and subtracting from the rituals to perfect this going to bed thing. After bathtime, a good massage and lotioning the lights go out and we sing Mommy’s Lullaby and now she briefly calms down and sings along. Eventually she continues to jump on me until she passes out but she knows that’s bed time.

The new thing has been before singing our lullabies to say prayers. An important ritual by all means and I think Cydney is old and smart enough to follow along. We start off with the classic “Now I lay me down to sleep,” and then go down the line with “God bless…” We go down the line from Daddy, Mommy, (Cydney always adds in “And Cydney.” As I name family members she repeats after me. At the end I ask if there is anyone that she would like to pray for and she sometimes there is a person or two she would like to add and sometimes there isn’t.

Now method behind the madness is not just to be a means to make Cydney go to sleep, but to plant the seed of really thinking about others. After all, that’s what prayer is. Its starting to work as well. While I do not get along with Timile’s immediate family Cydney and I do pray for them every night. Even if they aren’t around Cydney can and will still keep them on her mind and do her part to keep them covered. While she hasn’t seen any of them in over a year when bed time comes around she will mention them on her own. I think that’s great. The same way I keep Timile a part of her the same goes for them as well. Eventually one day she’ll be able to put faces to the names and it’ll all make sense.

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