Curtis Is Missing


Curtis is one of my two cats. Timile and I bought him about four years ago. You know how before you start a family you go half on a pet first and try things out. We talked about buying one and one day while I was at work Timile said she was going to get a cat. She called me and told me she fell in love with one cat who took to her as soon as he saw her. She left the Atlanta Pet Rescue devastated because she left her money at home and was afraid someone else would get to him before she could get back. I reminded her that her checkbook was in the car, so turn around and pick him up. A week later we stole our other cat, Clancy. Clancy always stayed under me, but Curtis was Timile’s baby.

When we moved to New York we took Curtis and Clancy with us. Everyone knows Curtis because he was like a dog. Well, this evening Curtis ran out of the garage like he would do sometimes. Normally he would run under the porch and wait for someone to come get him. He did that. But this time, as soon as I went to grab him he ran off. He went to the door. I went to grab him and bring him inside and he ran off again. As opposed to going back to our normal meeting spot in the back, he ran off and I haven’t seen him since.

Hopefully, he’ll do like cats do and come back by the morning. However, the racoons who are out here sometimes can be a little unruly and he may not have a chance. Of course I’m upset Curtis is gone because he’s part of the family. But I’m more upset because he was mine and Timile’s. That’s our guy and she was always proud of him. She liked Clancy but Curtis was her heart. All I can think about is that if she knew he was gone she would be devastated. losing pets happens, but this is like losing another part of my past with Timile. Hopefully he’ll be back. Cydney even tried to help look for him.

2 thoughts on “Curtis Is Missing

  1. I hope your cat comes back! If not, put the litter box outside so he can smell his home. Cats that aren’t used to outside sometimes need some help finding their way back.


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