Watch The Throne: Potty Training pt. 7-It’s On Now


Last weekend, I was talking to one ofy best friends Brandon. Brandon’s son Andrew is two as well and he told me they just mastered the potty training saga. I thought that was impressive because it usually takes boys good and into being three before they get it down. He asked me how was it going with Cydney and I pretty much told him how she knows what to do but she’s over it and in her own time.

A couple of days later I decided against that. I’m tired of paying for diapers. I’m tired of all that comes along with having to go along with diaperdom. Memorial Day I was at Wal Mart and instead of re-upping on Huggies I opted to buy underwear. I said to myself “Tomorrow we begin this process.” In preparation I washed all of Cydney’s clothing knowing that I would be going through them pretty quickly because in underwear for a few weeks Cydney is going to pee through everything.

Then Cydney got sick. I know that diapers are a comfort for her so the last thing she needed was something else rocking the boat and making things more uncomfortable. Cydney has never been the child that puts everything in her mouth. She likes to clean up and when undressed or she’s gone number two has shown that she likes to play with her butt. Everything is butt to her. I picked up on that some time ago and from what I remember from my college studies according to Freud’s stages of psychosexual development those characteristics are indicators of a child being anal or having an anal fixation if she is traumatized out of that stage. Her mother was quite anal so I’m not surprised. With that said, I didn’t want to push it.

However, tomorrow is a brand new day. Cydney is starting to show signs of being herself again. So it is time.

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