Watch The Throne-Potty Training pt. 9: Pee Like a Dinosaur

I went into potty training hardcore last month. One day it was diapers, the next day it was panties and I didn’t look back; well until about a week ago. I went back to pull ups. Pull ups made me lazy. They made potty time less urgent. There was a reason for it though. Since we’ve been running around a lot it made sense. Traveling on the bus to DC, being at weddings, and such made it convenient to not have to be constantly changing outfits while being out and about. As opposed to asking about the potty every hour, its been more like every three hours or so and a few accidents along the way. She still lets me know when she has to go though. Today, Cydney took it upon herself to take down her own pants and attempt to potty today.
Whenever Cydney goes, I have to go too. After she goes, she asks for paper towel and says “Daddy’s turn!” I have to drink plenty of fluids to keep this up. I mentioned this before. Its become a game. The new game is “Pee like a _____.” I’ve been told to pee like a Daddy, a turtle, and a mermaid. Always confused how to do so, I get creative. Peeing like a bird required flapping my arms like wings and making tweet noises. That was interesting since as a man I’m standing and doing this. Her favorite one is peeing like a dinosaur. I don’t even know how she knows what these things are. I assume its Nick Jr educating my child on such animals and such. This requires doing hands like a tyrannosaurus rex walking to the toilet, doing one’s business and roaring simultaneously. Whatever, you do what you gotta do to make the kids smile.

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