Pitch Perfect



Every parent has that one movie that they have to watch repeatedly because their children love it.  Usually, its some obnoxious animated movie that consists of lots of singing hokey but very catchy songs.  I remember when my little cousin was a baby, her movie was Save the Last Dance.  Whenever I’d babysit, my aunt would pack a copy of the film because she would have to watch it at least once.  I haven’t seen the movie in a good ten years and I am more than happy about it.

Well, Cydney’s movie of choice is Pitch Perfect; the comedy about a rebellious freshman in college who joins an a capella group and then the fun begins.  It’s actually not a bad movie.  I first watched it with my mother while she was home recovering from surgery a few months ago.  As a musician with perfect pitch, the title of the movie intrigued me a little.  I thought it was good. It was funny and I liked the vocal arrangements.

A few weeks ago, I walk into my room one night and see my mother, nephew and Cydney watching the movie.  I sat and watched it with them.  The next night, they were watching it again on HBO.  An hour after the movie ended, it was on HBO West, so they watched it again.  After a few nights of this I would walk by the room and say “Again?!” I would get the response “Yes!”  Unless I’m trying to be productive, I eventually sit down and watch it with everyone.

 Of all the movies I could be annoyed by, I’m okay with this.  At least her favorite movie isn’t something completely annoying.  She sings along with the movie, knows the songs well enough to sing them throughout the day (I have some feelings about my two year old singing Flo-Rida’s Right Round but she doesn’t know what it means); she also makes everyone put there hand in and sing on the count of three like they do in the movie. I love this.  She already loves music, is always making up her own songs, and wants to play some kind of instrument.  If watching this repeatedly encourages such behavior, then I’m okay with it.  I just go crazy seeing, hearing, or doing the same things repeatedly.

Part of me is relieved on the nights that I see she isn’t requesting to watch this movie.  However, something feels off from the routine now. 

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