Even More Cydney Quotables

Me: Cydney you gotta go pee?
Cydney: Not quite.

Cydney pulls the string out of my hoodie:
Me: Cydney, you broke my shirt.
Cydney: *Puts face in both palms* I don’t believe that.

Me: Cydney, you know you’re gonna be mad that I have to wash you hair, right?
Cydney: Whomp, whomp, whoooomp!

Me: Cydney, I gotta wash your hair tonight.
Cydney: Ummmmmm no!

While saying prayers at night…
Me: God bless _____, and _____,
Cydney: And underpants!

Instead of saying she doesn’t like something:
“Daddy, I can’t like _____!”

Me: Cydney, time to eat.
Cydney: I’m good!

“We won’t take these ding-a-ling faces!”

“I love Blue Bear! She’s so cuggly!” (As opposed to cuddly)

Me: Cydney, get down from there.
Cydney: I’m a superhero! *pretends to fight bad guys*

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