Cydney Quotables pt. 4

Me: Ok, baby I’m about to watch football.
Cydney: No. You can watch from your computer.

Cydney takes a jalapeno and licks it twice. Her eyes widen and she begins to pant:
“It’s hot! I have to brush my teeth!”

Me: Cydney, I have to wash your hair now.
Cydney: No! You berry don’t have to. (Translation: berry= very in which she means “really.”)

While I’m watching one of my tv shows:
Cydney: I wanna watch Sophia the First.
Me: Cydney, I’ve watched this stuff all day. It’s my turn.
Cydney: This movie is killing me. I’m dying.

Me: Cydney, you hungry?
Cydney: *Puts finger to her temple* Ummm let me think about it.

“Princess Man I have to get my super powers.”

Me: Cydney, lay down it’s time for bed.
Cydney: I can’t, I’m eating. *pretends to chew for two minutes*

Cydney’s conversation on the train:
Cydney: What’s your name?
Lady: Ruth. What’s your name?
Cydney: I’m Sofia!
Ruth: That’s a very nice name. You look like a Sofia.
Cydney: Thank you!
Me: Cydney, tell her your real name.
Cydney: Sofia!

“I wanna see my friend Tamille. She speaks to us.”

In her sleep:
“Dee Dee (what she calls my father)! The ladies are fast. Don’t go to those monsters.”

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