The Sunday Conflict


I saw a friend of mine send out a tweet a couple of weeks ago asking “How many of yall actually turn the game off for your daughter’s princess shows?”  She then said her father never did and Sunday was football day.  I laughed when I read this not realizing what she was referring to.  This commercial hits the nail on the head of every Sunday in my household.  When I first saw it I laughed because I noticed that the father in the commercial is none other than my favorite dim-witted sidekick Waldo Geraldo Faldo from Family Matters not realizing what the commercial was about.  The commercial came on again later that day and sure enough not too much longer after it played I was switching to the Disney Princess sing-along DVD that quells the complaining from a certain toddler of mine.

1 PM rolls around on Sundays, and Cydney says “No football!”  She likes to watch sports with me, but she can only watch but so much.  Her attention span is short just like any two year old, but of course it changes my afternoon and almost all of my Sunday plans which revolve around being in front of the tv.  A couple of weeks ago, I turned to the 1 PM game and Cydney said “You can watch football from your computer” to me.  She was right.  However, after seeing how badly the Giants were getting mollywopped by the Carolina Panthers, I turned it off and let her watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and whatever she wanted to.  I was over it.

I know I’m not the only father with a daughter who’s had to do this.  I know I’m not the only who has to do this every week.  My Sundays have been reduced to watching the Giants lose repeatedly, Cowboys fans gloating (which makes me sick) and Jets fans celebrating what would only be considered success because the bar was set so low (I really do hope for the best for them) on social media; and Disney Princesses during the latter part of the day as well as missing the whole season 4 of Boardwalk Empire.  It’s worth the sacrifice for my daughter’s temporary happiness for now…as I wait for the Knicks’ season to begin.

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