Once Again…Cydney Quotables

Cydney: It’s a penny!
Ms. Pat: Cydney can you say dime?
Cydney: It’s a penny.
Ms. Pat: It’s a dime. What is it Cydney?
Cydney: A coin!

“My chest hurts. I need a bandaid.”

Me: Cydney, it’s time to get out of the tub.
Cydney: I’m swimming to Paris.

Cydney makes number two in underpants:
Cydney: Princess Man, say “Ooh wee!
Me: No.
Cydney: *running around* I have mud butt!
**note: She’s never seen Chappelle’s show or hear me say that**

“You’re so rude. I’m over you. We’re done.”

Cydney: Princess Man, I don’t wanna be her friend.
Me: Why?
Cydney: Because…

In Taxi to lady:
Cydney: What are you doing?
Lady: Putting on makeup.
Cydney: Why are you putting on so much?

“I’m gonna watch Sofia the First, and you’re gonna watch Breaking Bad.”

Stranger: What’s your name?
Cydney: Sofia.
Stranger: How old are you?
Cydney: 3.
…She’s already lying about her name and age.

“My butt is not an instrument! *drums on backside* My butt is not a drum!”

“I’m a garbage can!”

To taxi driver:
“I’m the princess of this taxi!”

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