Epic Cydney Quotables

I post some of Cydney’s best quotes every two weeks. Since I turned 28, Cydney has decided to raise the stakes and take the things she’s had to say up a notch. Enjoy!

To my nephew:
“You’re teeth are gonna, be hacked up from sucking your thumb.That’s terrible!”

While raining outside and laying in bed:
“Tell the rain, it gotta stop raining.”

“Say a ludabye to me”

“Abra da dabrey!” Translation: “Abra cadabra!”

I tripped in our room while the lights were off and it was a mess:
“Be careful, missy. My room is boobytrapped.”

Cydney: Cola is crying?
Me: Not right now, she’s asleep
Cydney: Are you kidding me?

Cydney: You’re angry at me?
Cydney: Are you serious?!

Cydney goes in her pants:
Me: Cydney I’m very annoyed right now.
Cydney: I’m smiling!

Cydney goes in her pants again:
Me: Fuck!
Cydney: You dropping my hot fuck in the toilet?
Me: Cydney! Don’t say that.
Cydney: Oh! I forgot. You dropping my hot dookie in the toilet?
Me: Unfortunately, yes.

“You saying me Cydney Milder? That’s the best name ever!”

“Chill out, Chad”

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