A Good Friend

At the mall yesterday looking at herself in the mirror imitating her friend.

While we all wait until January 1st to turn over a new leaf I have decided that I would like to get a head start.  If I start on my New Year’s resolutions in December then come January 1, they’ll be close to if not already habits.  One of these habits would be actually opening up and letting those I love know; giving them their roses while they’re here.  You never know how much doing so just might lift their spirits up and when you tell them could have been having the worst day.

I’ve referred to Cydney’s friend here many times on the blog.  We met about eight months ago through some mutual friends.  We were introduced and I told them that they looked familiar as if we’d met before.  We went to college together and I said “I thought so.”  Finding out that they’d graduated in 2008 I asked if they knew Timile.  They said the name sounds familiar; but the answer was the “Let me not be rude plus I can’t hear you that well because it’s loud in here.”  Shortly after the whole crew was leaving and I showed them a picture.  They said “Oh!” Looked down at Cydney who was with me, and realized who the little girl was that was following me around.  They picked Cydney up, began to well up, and walked off with her.  They had a little moment in which the person explained that they in fact knew Timile very well and was devastated when they found out she’d passed away.  In that moment when they and Cydney walked off it seemed that the two of them connected.  Cydney is friendly with just about everyone; but she never lets someone pick her up and talk to her the way this person did.  I knew they needed to be friends.

Since then, they’ve become really close.  I’ve let them hang out quite a bit.  Once when I had a job interview they watched her for the afternoon.  It’s to the point now that every time we get on the train or I break out Cydney’s stroller she thinks that she’s going to go and hang out with her bestest friend as she’d say.  Other than my nephew, that is Cydney’s best friend.  She talks about this person all of the time and gives great details about what she and her friend are going to do the next time she sees them.  Many of Cydney’s interests and things that she holds nearly and dearly to her are because she’s learned them from this friend; as if they’re her connection to them when they aren’t together.  They have their own little handshakes and games they play that make her happy.  Cydney isn’t one to dole out the feel goods and be affectionate with people other than me or maybe my mother; but she always wants to give this one hugs and they even receive kisses on the cheek.

I told my friend all of this yesterday and that I appreciate the time and effort that they put into Cydney.  She really looks up to them. A lot of my friends say that Cydney is their girl or their BFF, but they don’t actually mean it.  They do mean it in the sense that they really like Cydney, and she’s a cool girl; but this person has really invested into Cydney.  That’s something special.  I made sure Cydney got them something special for Christmas as well because Cydney bugged me and told me that I had to.  While my friend knows this because I’ve told them verbally and Cydney has said to them she loves them as well, in the public forum I wanted to acknowledge them and let all of you know as well about Cydney’s friend.  My friend.  Thank You.

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