I’m Pretty Sure Cydney is Gifted

This morning, well it it was more like 11:45 Cydney came creeping out of her room ready to start her day.  I just happened to be in the hallway so I looked at her and said “Hey!” She jumped in surprise and shrugged her shoulders sheepishly.  She said “Daddy you astonished me.”  My daughter continually […]

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Figuring Out My Life: Tetris

  I’ve been writing later and later these days.  I’ve been busier and busier recently.  Cydney has been sick all day and all that should have been done has been put on pause until tonight after what I’m sure will be a hectic time putting her to bed.  Cydney is taking a little nap right […]

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My Beef With the Bubble Guppies

Cydney loves the Bubble Guppies, or Gubble Buppies as she calls them.  It’s a very entertaining show.  This morning while Cydney was watching I stopped my writing for the day to notice that the episode was about Egypt.  In which the mer-children and their fish friend, Grouper broke into song about how nobody nose what […]

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I was talking with a fellow blogger a few days ago. It was someone who had been reading my adventures for a couple of months by now. They’d asked on twitter for some advice about branding and I offered to give some advice. As the conversation went on, she asked me questions about my own […]

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