Cydney Says the Darndest Things: Funny Quotes From A Two Year Old

Me: I need you to chill.
Cydney: I can’t chill!

“I’m gonna be sational!”

Wakes up, looks at me and says “What chu doin, yo?” Rolls back over and goes to sleep.

“Get this money!”

Me: What would Jerome-ey Rome-ey Rome-ey Rome think?
Cydney: I don’t know. Nothing a girl can’t handle.

*Me holding a glass of scotch*
Cydney: What’s that horrible smell?
Me: It’s my drink.
Cydney: It’s delicious for you. It’s for men, not little girls!

*Places stethoscope around her waste, swings her hips, holds cord with two hands like her father while using the bathroom, and sings*
“Wag, wag, wag. Pee pee pee pee! I’m going potty!”


“I can’t take a shower! It’s freezing in there. I’m a girl. Girls can’t freeze!”

“I’m going to go to my first day of school and you’re gonna go to your first day of work.”

Cydney: I have a boyfriend.
Me: Who?!
Cydney: You, Princess Man.
Me: Can I have a girlfriend?
Cydney: I’m your girlfriend.
Me: Can I have one that’s a big girl?
Cydney: Ummm, I don’t know how neighbour would feel about that.
Me: Why you say that?
Cydney: She’s gonna fight you and hate you.
Me: She already fights me.
Cydney: Oh, well. *pats me on the back to console me*

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