Figuring Out My Life: Tetris



I’ve been writing later and later these days.  I’ve been busier and busier recently.  Cydney has been sick all day and all that should have been done has been put on pause until tonight after what I’m sure will be a hectic time putting her to bed.  Cydney is taking a little nap right now which I am going to do the one thing I always do when I need twenty minutes to myself: play Tetris.

Tetris is one of my outlets.  Timile used to hate when I played that game.  When we first started dating I would pull my Sidekick 2 out and start playing (remember those?!).  If we were debriefing from an argument there I was clearing lines away at an alarming pace.  She even yelled at me once “Will you turn that fucking game off?! Shit!”  I deleted it off my my phone about five months into our relationship.  She didn’t understand.

Three years later when Timile was pregnant I would start playing Tetris a lot on Facebook.  This time around she didn’t fuss so much about it.  My sister asked Timile one time why did I just seem to shut the world off and just sit there doing so.  I overheard Timile say “That’s his outlet.  It’s what he does when he needs to take a break from something stressful.”

She was absolutely right.  The game of Tetris is exactly how I think, process life, and figure out problems.  When things keep dropping you have to find ways to make pieces fit and clear away obstacles.  At first things start off slowly and then they speed up as you advance.  Eventually you get used to the faster speeds and they don’t seem so quick anymore.  It’s quickly thinking on your toes.  When you make mistakes and it causes holes, you have to make other moves around it to eliminate obstacles to continue the game.  It’s strategy in real time.  

I come up with a lot of my really good ideas while zoning out to music and playing Tetris.  Maybe it’s just the process of getting my wheels spinning and then things start coming together.  A lot of what I write about on this blog comes from these sessions.  Everyone has their outlet and what helps them think clearly.  Just thought I’d share mine.  

Cydney’s up and she says her mouth is hurting…Gotta go.

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