I’m Pretty Sure Cydney is Gifted

This morning, well it it was more like 11:45 Cydney came creeping out of her room ready to start her day.  I just happened to be in the hallway so I looked at her and said “Hey!” She jumped in surprise and shrugged her shoulders sheepishly.  She said “Daddy you astonished me.”  My daughter continually finds ways to amaze me.  She has an awesome vocabulary.  I take lots of the credit for this because I’m around her all the time and am quite verbally dexterous.  I didn’t know where she got that one from.  

Last night we were in the bed and Cydney was talking in bed fighting sleep and she put together a chain of words.  She mentioned a friend of mine Amber in reference to herself.  She then said “Amber is also Princess Sofia’s sister.  Princess Sofia is Disney Jr. like Doc McStuffins.  I said to her “That was an interesting stream of consciousness.”  She tried to say consciousness but couldn’t get it.  She said “Stream of cons…what’s that?”  I told her that the chain of words she put together and she said “Got it.”  She actually did, too.

Not just because she’s my child, but Cydney is like really really smart.  I was doing research on toddler IQ’s for a story I was thinking about pitching and I came across a parent asking if their two and a half year old child was considered a gifted preschooler.  Brainy-child.com cites that the U.S. Office of Gifted and Talented states the following as characteristics of a child ages 2-5 years old who is gifted:

  • Uses advanced vocabulary for age.-Cydney just told me today I astonished her.

  • Uses spontaneous verbal elaboration with new experiences.-She can pin point how she’s feeling and let you know immediately by explaining herself in detail and giving some adult adjective to describe how it made her feel.

  • Has the ability to make interesting or unusual shapes or patterns through various media: blocks, play dough, crayons.-Cydney’s building of choice is a lego tower that is perfectly straight.  It’ll be one piece on top of another with no gaps and something on the top.

  • Ability to assemble puzzles designed for older children.-We haven’t done too many floor puzzles.  But the ones that she has done she figured it out pretty quickly.  She mostly does ones on my phone or the iPad and is pretty good.

  • Sense of humor used in general conversation.-I do Cydney Quotables every other Friday…tomorrow will not disappoint. 

  • Understanding of abstract concepts such as death and time.-I wrote about how Cydney understands that her mother is dead.  She also gets when my iPad or phone is dead and needs to be plugged into the wall to be charged.

  • Mastery of new skills with little repetition.-Most things she gets quickly.  A year ago she figured out how to unlock an iPad and play with whatever apps she wants to.

  • Demonstration of advanced physical skills.-Cydney can dribble a soccer ball using her feet.  She also tries to throw the ball in the air and hit it off of her head like she’s seen the professional players do.  

  • Demonstration of advanced reasoning skills through explanation of occurrences.- About ten minutes ago I said to Cydney “The oil truck is here, thank God!”  She thinks God is a bad word because she sees me call on him when having to change diapers or during the stressful year and a half that has been potty training.

If I could find an actual toddler test for her I would have her take one.  If she is I would like to know to see if I need to rectify her education accordingly.  I don’t want her to be bored in school like I was and that possibly make her lazy.  That got me into a lot of trouble.  School bored me so I didn’t do homework.  I had a 3.2 un-weighted GPA in high school which would is mostly the fifteen percent hit in each class from missing homework.  The bad habit caught up with me by college.  If I can stop this early I’d like to.

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