Funny Cydney Quotables for The End of Your Week

Cydney: *crouching and grabbing her crotch* something’s killing me!
Me: *pulls her pants down to go potty* Could it be the SPOON in your underwear? *pulls out spoon*
Cydney: *post pee pee* I peed a lot! I peed three cups off pee, doe.

“It’s not tea.  It’s not coffee.  It’s my coffee-tea!”

Me: You know I’m upset with you, right.
Cydney: I’m upset with you too. We’re upset together!
Me: No, I’m really upset with you.
Cydney: I’m not upset.

Courtney: my mom makes my stomach feel better by rubbing on it.
Cydney: He had a volcano in his stomach.

“Will you get your funky feet off me? I’m trying to focus here.”

“I’m gonna have a Facebook.”

“It’s too purple for me. It doesn’t match my pajamas.”

“I stareled you too.” (Translation: startled)

Me: Guess who has a birthday in two weeks?
Cydney: I don’t know. My birthday is Tuesday!

“It’s snowing outside! I want to put on my dress and be Queen Elsa in my Frozen World!”

2 thoughts on “Funny Cydney Quotables for The End of Your Week

  1. Finding the words to express the magnitude of respect I have for you is difficult. Your courage in the face of unimaginable tragedy is humbling. The ability you have to still locate your funny bone in the wake of its aftermath is inspiring. I look forward to following you brave single dad!


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