Cydney Quotables: Late But Still Great

I was about to pick something up while sitting down:
“Do it with your feet. You can’t with your behind.”

No sheets on the bed:
“The bed is naked.”

“The other pillows are boring.”

Doing pushups with me:
“Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, eleventeen.”

My Godmother: What do you want to call me?
Cydney: The Lady that rang my doorbell.

“I want a stepmommy.”

“I want to find my Prince Charming. Does he wear a bow tie?”

“You need to buy _____ a princess gown. So you can make her your princess and I’m gonna be your Queen!”

Cydney: You have to take me to the soccer field so I can score goals and impress your girlfriend.
Me: Who’s my girlfriend?
Cydney: Neighbour. (Note: she always says “Me!”)
Me: That’s not my girlfriend.
Cydney: That’s unfortunate. *pats me on the back*

Me: Cydney, did you go on yourself?
Cydney: Ummmm.
Me: Do you feel bad about it?
Cydney: *shrugs*

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