Soccer Dad Chronicles: Week 3


Sorry for the hiatus:  My computer and phone have not allowed me to be great.  I plan on making up for it by posting twice a day for the remainder of the week to catch up.

After having the week off because of Easter Cydney was looking forward to getting back on the field and giving it her all.  We’ve been practicing the drills so that when Cydney gets out there she can be one of the girls.  One of the things that We’ve been working on was following the ball and her taking the ball away from me so that she could do so when it’s gametime.  

Cydney was exceptionally excited that Saturday.  Because my nephew’s baseball game was cancelled due to rain meant that he, my mother, and my sister who was in town would all be out there.  Along with Neighbour that meant that all of her favorites would be there to cheer her on.  I was excited because this meant that I didn’t have to take the bus and walk four miles.  I think this may have added a little pressure on her to give it her all.

When it came down to drills, Cydney was on it.  She was able to follow along and she did well.  She didn’t go off onto other fields (well, she did once and came right back) and for the most part kept her ball in bounds.  Then they dropped something new: one on ones.  The coach would stand in the middle, throw the ball down, and the girls had to run out from opposing sides of the field and score in their respective goals.  Cydney’s first time went out she ran out there, got to the ball first, kicked the ball once, slipped, and then the other girl got the ball and scored.  Every other time Cydney went out there she may have kicked the ball once, but the other girls got the ball and scored before she could get to them.

Eventually Cydney began to get upset.  She started to mope and sulk.  When it came to scrimmage time she went back out there and was doing the best that she can.  My mother and I cheered her on and she just kept missing the ball.  When she was subbed out and began to look a little hurt I asked her “What’s wrong?”  Cydney sadly replied “I’m just not fast enough.”  My heart broke.  I’m already the kind of guy that doesn’t like to see my female friends hurt and will move all kinds of mountains to cheer them up.  This one took the cake because my baby girl was hurt and there was nothing that she can do about it.  My mother and I just tried to cheer her up.  She would mope around a little bit on the field still but eventually she was back out there having fun.  She seemed to have accepted her fate that she wasn’t going to get the ball and score a goal but she kept trying.

When the game was over Cydney was still excited.  She wanted to play some more.  She’s still looking forward to Soccer this Saturday.  Hopefully she’lll finally score her goal.

I received an email from the coach of Team Frozen Monday morning.  They named Cydney one of the players of the week.  That made me smile.  Until next week…

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