Some Hilarious Quotes From Cydney

At church:
Cydney: We have to go upstairs.
Me: Why?
Cydney: To Praise the Lord!

Cydney: Daddy!
Me: Yes?
Cydney: Ummm, nothing!
Me: Really?
Cydney: Yep.

During bedtime:
“I need all these covers, yo.”

Cydney: Tomorrow’s my birthday.
Me: No, your birthday is Valentine’s Day.
Cydney: My birthday is everyday.

Me: Cydney, you gotta stop running your mouth and being so fresh.
Cydney: But you like it.

Me: Cydney, [name redacted] told me to tell you hi and give you a hug.
Cydney: Who’s [name redacted]?!

“In school, the teacher told me I’m the artist Queen.”

Me: Cydney, how was school today?
Cydney: I went to sleep.

Cydney: I don’t wanna go to adolteam (what she calls my nephew’s baseball team). I wanna go to soccer.
Me: But soccer isn’t until Saturday.
Cydney: Well, today is Saturday. Can we go to soccer?
…it was Tuesday.

Me: I think someone is tired.
Cydney: No, I’m not.
Me: I think you are.
… knocked out before I finished the sentence.

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