Cydney’s First Three Weeks of School


So I was supposed to write about Cydney’s first week of school, then it became her second, then a third happened, and we are ankle deep into week 4.  

After all of the hoopla of the first day of school Cydney was over it.  She came home beyond pooped.  I woke her up the next morning and she was unhappy.  It was as if “We have to do this AGAIN?!”  The second day was difficult because she didn’t want to go.  She wanted to be with me.

Most mornings start off with Cydney being groggy.  She doesn’t want to go to school and often moans and cries because she wants to be home with me.  I ask her “But don’t you want to go and see your friends?”  She replies “No.”  However, by the time we get to school, a bunch of the kids are excited saying “Hi Cydney!” and ready to play.  She eagerly walks over to them and waves bye to me quickly.  

I picked Cydney up two weeks ago and the teachers told me she wasn’t having a good day.  They said that while at the park she moped around saying “She missed her fadder (That’s how she says father),” and ever was crying about it at one point during the day.

Sometimes I want to sit outside a window and watch just to see what she’s like when she isn’t with me.  The consensus from her teachers are that she’s sweet.  She’s a social butterfly and all of the teachers love her and her personality.  She can be a little stubborn, but they know that they’ll win in the war of the wills.

She’s been painting, doing shapes, numbers, and singing her heart out during circle time.  She knows shapes and numbers so school is really about socialization and potty training (Watch the Throne Part whatever I’m on is coming tomorrow).  The Friday before Mother’s Day I received a bunch of paintings that my child had made for me.  She told me what they were (A watermelon, a picture of her, a frog in a river, flowers); however the one that got me was the Mother’s Day card.  This really tugged at my heart.


Other than that, just about everything has been cool.  Cydney has been going to bed earlier, I’ve been able to get more work done, and I’ve had time to myself to get me together.  It’s great.  Sure it costs me nearly $200 a week but it is an investment.   No matter how her day goes when I come to pick her up there’s a look of excitement, a big smile, and she runs up to me and gives me a hug.  Many times she tells me she misses me (she says this a lot these days) and I tell her “I missed you too.”  I love those moments.

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